Transport level error while connecting to http://example.net:13000: general error 0x4F5

  • 17 June 2021
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Just installed klnagent64 on Linux (UBuntu), but I wasn;t able to see my box in the ksc. So I tried to debug the problem, and got this:


root@bart:/opt/kaspersky/klnagent64/bin# ./klnagchk 

Starting klnagchk utility

Checking command-line arguments...OK

Initializing basic libraries...OK

Current host is 'fenix'

Network agent version is ''



Reading settings...OK

Checking settings...OK

Administration Agent settings:

  Server address: 'ksc.example.net'

  Use SSL: 1

  Compress traffic: 1

  Server SSL ports: '13000'

  Server ports: '14000'

  Use proxy: 0

  Certificate: present

  Open UDP port: 1

  UDP ports: '15000'


  Ping period, minutes: 15

  Conn timeout, s: 30

  RW timeout, s: 180




Connecting to server...Transport level error while connecting to http://ksc.example.net:13000: general error 0x4F5


Connecting to the Administration Agent...OK

Administration Agent is running

Acquire Administration Agent statistics...OK

  Administration Agent statistics:

  Ping count: 0

  Succ. pings: 0

  Sync count: 0

  Succ. syncs: 0

  Last ping:


Deinitializing basic libraries...OK



ANy clues?



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Hi @Fernet 

Please proceed to verify if your company’s firewall is not blocking the port 13000 and also if it is not blocking TLS connection.

If the issue persists, please contact technical support by opening a support case at companyaccount.kaspersky.com