Threat Reports completely empty...

  • 22 November 2019
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Hello, can you help me for a strange problem?

Threat report is always empty, for all manager computers, even if
in "Property" section we can see that some virus have been detected.

KSC version is 10.5.1781

Thank you very much.


6 replies

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Could you please confirm that at least one event is present at Admin server node - Events?

Thank you!

Hello, thank you very much for replying. Events are present. Found the solution: a flag on the policy about recording local activities. That was causing the issue. Thank you.

I have that Problem and Support was able to get it working after applying “Patch a”.

But most devices that have a viruses detected” will NOT show  any results.

Sometimes it does show in the  Repositories Quarantine or Unprocessed files, but mostly No. You have to go to the Reports on the local machine to find out. Support claims that the Event log or Event Database is too full or cannot handle the traffic for 5000 Devices on One Security Center.

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Is it possible to update KSC to the most recent version?

Thank you!

I am experiencing the same issue. Everything is on the latest version. But the threat reports are (almost) always empty when trying to view them. Even when the admin console mentions there are multiple found viruses on that machine.

How can this be fixed ?

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@legato3 , could you please confirm that there are events at “Events” tab that are related to virus issues?

Please provide us with a screenshot.

Thank you!

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