Still need restart required ofter turn off / on computer on Win10

  • 23 April 2020
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Here is out clients info.

Network Agent:
Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows 11.2.0

Windows 10 Pro. Ver1909


We upgraded win7 clients to win10 last few months. Sometimes clients will prompt for restart as below.

But client computer is shutdown properly without sleep everyday. Then turn off power on next working day. The above Restart required (or in KSC) is still there.

If restart it manually, the message will be cleared.


It seems not make sense for restart it manually as user has turn off computer properly. Why needs them to restart computer once?  Any advise or if there are any problems here. Please help.

6 replies

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 @pleokas, in Windows 10, rebooting and turning off / on a computer is not the same thing.

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Hi,  @pleokas and Welcome.

I agree with andrew! Try restart PC and check the problem.

@andrew75 I agree now.

@nexon Do you mean that our win10 PC may has problem?? If the PC is win7, it won’t have this problem.  

Most of the Win10 clients have this same issue.  It’s not reasonable to inform clients to reboot their computer.  

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I dont know if your PC with windows 10 have problem. But windows 10 is created on other core than Windows 7.

I understand that sometimes machines must work 24 hours daily (i work in company that are required runed pc for 24 hours 5 days in week).

On my PC (home) i always restart if pc ask for restart…. then i have no problems. Thats all.

identical problem for two of my clients about 600 workstations in total since maj 11.2 with each update of windows Tuesday. two restarts required one for maj windows the other for kaspersky it becomes painful I just went to 11.3 I am waiting to see if the problem has been solved.   I am amazed that there is little feedback on this problem.


Yes. very little feedback on this problem and didn’t find any problem on Win10 itself. Ever asked for help from local support and they found that restart required after check the GSI log.  :joy:

Anyway, How is the 11.3? Does it help?


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