Software Vulnerability not updating

  • 18 June 2021
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I am using Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud

I have a problem with the software vulnerability not updating for a couple months on a few machines (both Windows 10 and Server 2016).  Is there a way to force an update?

Any reason that a computer won’t report or run a  scan?  All other Protection Components are working.


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6 replies

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Hello Justin,

Can you please list Version of Network Agent running on Affected machines? Also What is the version of KSC?

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Network Agent

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows

The Could version is hosted so it would be on the latest.



This is still a problem.  It doesn’t look like any are updating, even though I am applying updates to my computers.  This is broken.

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Normally, there is a special task (type) for 3rd party appl updates (KES is updated by the update task).

Does the task start (periodically)? What is the status of that task? Does that task exists? Could you start the task manually?

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please see

 as well.

The biggest problem with this “feature” is the complete lack of control.  You can schedule how often it checks and at what time of day, that is it.  This is all done from the online online portal.

The local client doesn’t have any options to “run now” or for that matter, mention the the software vulnerability scans anywhere.

This should be listed in Tasks but it is not.  


Kaspersky needs to fix this.