Software update not assigned for installation

  • 25 August 2019
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I have problem with installing Microsoft update over KSC. Most of patches and updates in management console are called "not assigned for installation"
What is the meaning of this title? What should I do to solve this?

Thank you in advance

6 replies

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You have to approve the installation at right lower corner as it shown at the screenshot.

Thank you for answering

I did that before, but my problem doesn't solved.
You also need to have a task setup to install the updates.

Depending on how you set the task, by changing the update to "approved", it may install the task.

Our updates are a complex and terrible thing & we have it set so that the update has to be added to the update task by manually adding as we can't allow certain updates to certain systems automatically.

You can add and update to a task by right clicking the update, selecting "Install update" and "Add rule to specified task" and then you drill down through your structure to find the appropriate update task.

We ended up moving all our update tasks to the top level under managed devices and then using exclusions to target the updates to the right systems

@shayanshahyalani Did you solve your problem already? I’m facing the same issue. Even when there is an installation task for windows updates and the updates are approved, some of the updates are flagged as “not assigned for installation”.  But this is only true for some clients. So I have got some clients wich the update is assigned for and some clients where the update is not assigned for. I'd like to understand, under which circumstances the update is flagged as "assigned for installation". What requierement must be met?




I had the same problem.

Taking away the flag on “Fix vulnerabilities with a security level equal to or higher than”, solved the issue, but I do not undestrand why


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Update to Kaspersky Endpoint Security 11.6 for Windows (upgrade) is stuck in the “Not assigned for installation” in spite of the Approved state and accepted license.

I have “Select” license that does not allow patch management, but so far this restriction was only applied to 3rd party software and never blocked Kaspersky’s own updates. KSC

P.S. Sorry, it just took tiiiiiiiime for the update task to run, only after that “Not assigned for installation” counter decreased by the number of “has run on” machines. Any other counters (Installation in progress on, Installed on, Restart is required on) did not change from zero (although the affected workstation shows prompt for restart). There is something very wrong about displaying those counters in KSC.