Software or Hardware Inventory from administration server

  • 6 February 2020
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I’m trying to create a report that shows applications found on clients and on which client those are installed. Using standard reports from administration centre , i can view a list of all applications found on clients, but no information about where those applications are installed


Basically, there shoul be a column “host”. Anyone knows a way to create a report like this,indicating also the host on wich the application is installed?

Or are there other ways to query the DB ?thank you to all community in advance!


2 replies

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Hello Francesco,

Like you I’m also curious to know the way.

In the mean while, you can also check Application registry in Application Management node where you can find the devices on which it is install under properties tab. Export the devices to Excel.

That is a bit of clicks, but till now I perform application inventory this way. I wish there is some other way round but I don’t know.

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I can check all software or hard through options on any device, go to properties of device and look branches: registry programs\registry of devices. But only on  one device at one moment.

Or try to make sql query,


Russian team about example of query to show Hardware ID numbers of devices… may be it helps you



A request to obtain the necessary data (Display host name, DNS domain name, HDD model, HDD serial number):

SELECT h.wstrDisplayName, h.wstrDnsDomain, i.wstrSerialNum FROM v_akpub_host AS h INNER JOIN v_akpub_hwinv AS i ON h.nId = i.nHost WHERE i.nType=3


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