Setup process error: 1603 Increase DiskSpace on Network Agent

  • 13 June 2019
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We are trying to install Network Agent and Kasp Endpoint Several servers are reporting errors with the Network Agent on some systems:-

Setup process error: 1603 (General Windows Installer engine error. Increase DiskSpace requirements in Setup.ini and try again.)

Installing on Windows Server 2019 version 1809

Server has 298Gig C Drive with with 279Gig free, so space is not an issue. I have tried logging in with my account and with the admin account and get the same result. It's not happening to all servers/computers. Only about 20% of them. Any ideas?

28 replies

i am facing same issue but its resolved when i try to install kaspersky from kaspersky Security Center. so try from there 

Please, help me with the similar problem, can’t find the solution 


I have the same problem than @Artak.


Windows Server 2019



I can’t find the solution.

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