Service Account for Exchange Online Quarantine [moved]

  • 25 March 2020
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i have a problem with the service which is created automatically by Kaspersky Web Wizard, the service is inactive all the times, and active few times, keeps saying invalid credentials even i have changed the credentials in O365 for the created user.




8 replies

I’ve got the same problem, but with a service Account I’ve manually created following the steps as outlined in the online help link provided on the Service Account page.

I have MFA enabled because of Microsoft Partner requirements. Tried an app password for the service account to authenticate and to get it working as well. To no avail either.

Anyone else any idea as to what the problem could be?

My Problem has been solved, changed the password of the automatically created account by kaspersky, updated the password and waited a day the service is now running perfectly.

I’ve created the account yesterday, and this morning it is still having problems.

I assume it has to do with the multi factor authentication and legacy protocols etc. I’ve opened a support case to assist.

this user should not have a license, no license should be assigned for this user

Yes, no license have been allocated to the user.

I’ve got a similar setup with Veeam Backup for Office 365 which works.

wait for the case support, and please update us with the solution, thank you.

Kaspersky Support response to my problem,

Our product do not support multi-factor authentication for the Microsoft quarantine service account, at least in the current version.

Thank you for sharing.

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