RHEL/ J BOSS CPU utilization

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We have installed KESL 11.1.0  and Network agent 11.0.0 on RHEL 6.10 Santiago with JBOSS/WildFly 10.1 running. Now whenever the JBOSS service is run, KESL takes a lot of CPU utilization. please refer to the screenshot below:


This continues about a noticeable time before settling down.

Could you please look into this matter. will be waiting for you kind reply.

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Hello, did you have this figured out? We have same issue on heavy java servers.

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Normally, this happens when a third party app has a lot of activity (the cpu utilization of java is also high) and KES monitors that. Normally, I would add that app (when it is legitimate and not malware) to the trusted applications (in KES for windows -> I do not know KES for Linux).