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  • 1 July 2021
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Dear all

My first post on this community and no previous experience on mail systems, so I beg for some indulgence.

Do you know if it is possible to remove x-headers added by Kaspersky Security for Microsoft Exchange? Or at least change the values of the x-headers.

I’m interested in doing so to the messages sent out of the organization.

X-headers expose too much information to the outside world, starting from the used antivirus/antispam product used. 

I have used Exchange rules to delete x-headers or change the value.  It works sometimes, others do not:

- Removing x-kse-antivirus-attachment-filter-interceptor-info or x-originating-ip works OK.

- Changing the value of X-KSE-ServerInfo does not work.

But creating a rule for each x-header will be a bit of overheating the mail server. So I would prefer to manage the issue within Kaspersky, if possible.

I have searched for information on the subject with no results.

Am I asking for something stupid maybe?

Thank-you very much

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