Removal of android {MOVED]

  • 17 July 2019
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I installed Endpoint Security on an android device, on the web console (Kaspersky Cloud) I can see my device and I have assigned it to a user.

I wanted to do tests with the profiles and I created a profile that forbids the execution of all applications (I can not access the android settings anymore) and forbids internet access so I can not do anything on the device which is normal and can not update the profile (via kaspersky cloud because there is no more internet connection).

is there any way as an administrator to disable / uninstall the application localy and this without access to android settings or internet ?

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1 reply

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Hello Afci,
Please tell us:
Exact names of all Kaspersky software in use:
  • free?
  • licensed?
  • version/s?
  • patch(x)/s x = letter?
Android operating system, name, version?