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  • 24 April 2019
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I work for a company with 9 remote locations. We currently run a server at our HQ, and do all remote installations out of that location. This has been ok with our smaller sites that only require a handful of users to be interacted with. We have acquired a larger company now, and need to be able to push installations and updates from that location ideally. Is it possible to have remote installation and management servers? Is a "Virtual Administration Server" what I need to be looking at? If so, is there a guide somewhere to creating and deploying such a server. I have not found much information on this topic from my current searches. If this is possible, does it require any additional licensing from the management side of things to deploy virtual administration servers?

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3 replies

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Is it possible to use Distribution points instead of virtual Administartion servers?
At a quick glance, this appears to be a viable option. I will work on getting this set up and report back. Thanks for the direction, and link.
I just wanted to circle back around. We have set up Distribution Points for all sites and that is working flawlessly and greatly sped up the installation process. Thank you for the information.