Reinstall Agent and endpoint from KSC11 to a Windows 2008 R2 server that is reformatted but, without removing the agent and Endpoint

  • 13 November 2019
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We recently moved to Kaspersky, So, there are a lot of confusions and learning curve.
My first question is below:
I had installed Network Agent and Windows server 10.1.2 from KSC 11 to a Windows 2008 R2 server. But, for some reason, i had to reformat that server without removing the agent & protection and reinstalled the same OS with the same hostname & IP. Now when i try to install Agent, i am not able to install and in KSC console I see Network Agent is installed & Real-time protection as YES and Network Agent running as NO.
How can I completely remove this server from the console and reinstall agent and protection.

4 replies


From what i understood, now there isnt anymore Kaspersky installed on the server right?

BUT, you keep the same name so, for some reason KSC know him as powered on.

You can just Cancel the server from the console → Right Click → Delete → Yes.

After that, you can probably reinstall kaspersky without problem.


Let me know.

I tried that way.  But on the next polling, the server shows up again as a installed but actually not installed.


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Could you please provide us with klnagchk log fro that server?

Thank you!


I deleted the server from the console and then right click,  install application, selected n/w agent (from Select Installation Package) windows,  unchecked Using Network Agent &checked Using Operating system resource through Admin Server & unchecked do not re-install if it is already installed and gave the domain account with privilege to install and it was done.

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