Protection status report

I have a network that is divided into several vlan.

I have two KSC in this network.

I want to get report about Antivirus status from all Systems in this network, In one KSC I get  “Protection status report” from reports, and export list of “Device Discovery” with IP.

But I don’t and any IP from one vlan.

I want to have a report from statuse of all systems in my network, from one KSC.



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The only way is to use one (Master-)KSC.

You can use distribution points to manage different network ranges ...

… or you connect one KSC as slave to the second KSC

then you are able to create reports for the complete adminsitration server hierarchy.

If I don’t want to slave server, I can’t access IP’s from that VLna?

How do I make  distribution points?


Do you mean I must to add one system from that Vlan As update agent in first KSC?


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“Search” is working very well in online help :relaxed:


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… if you need information about the ports for firewall-rules: