Problems, connecting a Virtual Microphone device [MOVED]

  • 12 April 2019
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our engineers are using a certain device to measure some data. The software to retrieve that data is using a "virtual microphone (usb)" to receive the analog data.

(VNWA - Vector Network Analyzer: https://sdr-kits.net/DG8SAQ-VNWA-software-documentation-user-guide)

The software cannot establish a connection to it's device, as long as kaspersky is running. Closing Kaspersky results in a successfull connection immediately .

I've tried different Settings in the Policy, with no success so far...:

  • I've added the executable to the trusted Programs, using the wildcard "**VNWA.exe"
  • I've disabled Kasperskys detection for manipulated USB-Devices.
  • I've disabled Kasperskys detection for the abuse of microphone signals.
Nothing worked out.

Any advice on how to get this running with Kaspersky beeing enabled?
(Needs to be based on the policy, as it affects a lot of engineers)

4 replies

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Welcome. Please pass your mouse cursor over the Kaspersky tray icon and tell us the full, complete name and version number of your Kaspersky product.
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Hi @MN0815 and welcome to the new Kaspersky Community.
Just curious do you have KSC10 and KEP Security 11 installed?
Thank you.

It's Kaspersky End Point Security and on the Server-Side KSC 10.5.1781.0.
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Could you please provide us with an export of active policy?