Problem between KES and Windows 1903 update

  • 6 August 2019
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on my PCs in Windows 10 1809 (French version) with KES, the Windows 1903 update disables Kaspersky but not the agent.
The service remains in automatic but is not started.
Via the agent, KSC indicates that the application is not installed.
You have to restart the PC for the service to start. An update of KES then takes place and it asks to restart the PC again.

This is already a problem but in addition to the fast boot of Windows 10, the KES service does not restart.
You must either disable the fast boot, or force a real reboot with the shutdown command.
I did not have this problem with a KES or

I did not find anything as information about this problem.
Someone has information?

Thank you in advance.

3 replies

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I have problem with 10 and 1903 update and KES 10.5 Agent - working, KES - dont.
Update from KSC - fails.
In my case: i uninstall KES by windows programs and features, reboot.
Then launch task to install from KSC and KES 11 installed seccesfully. Try to full delete KES from your device, save agent.
Thank you for your answer.

On my side, it is actually not necessary to uninstall KES.
Sometimes restarting the PC (without fast boot) is enough to restart the KES service. Sometimes you have to restart it by hand.
Once KES is restarted, the following MSI is started: "C:\ProgramData\Kaspersky Lab\KES10SP2\Setup\Kes10win.msi".
The installation done, everything comes back in order. The updates are done and KES asks to restart the PC.

I am just very surprised that this problem is not declared with resolution by Kaspersky.
It's not serious.
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I think there are to much different problems, so there is one of them.... each individual user is faced with some kind of problem)))))

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