[?] Possible to get a notification when a computer connect to the KSC

  • 23 April 2019
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hello there,

Everything is in the title, is there any trick or whatever to get any notification (ie : email) as soon as a computer connect to the KSC ?

Many thanks for help provided

4 replies

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Hey BrassahCorp,

... as soon as a computer connect to the KSC ?

do you mean:
  • a computer connects with KSC to administrate it or
  • a client connects via network agent to KSC for synchronization?
For the first one, you can change the configuration of the KSC by
  1. Right click on the specific administration server -> properties.
  2. Then at "Event configuration" select the information tab
  3. Select "Audit: connection to the administration server has been established"*
* i use the german version of KSC, so the english text could be different from what I wrote.


I'm in the second option

>> a client connects via network agent to KSC for synchronization

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Well, now I'm getting back to you.
I searched the KSC for a possible option and looked whether it could be done with the reports and the protection status ("OK, visible") - unfortunately without success. Maybe I'm completely blind and the option already exists, maybe someone else knows about it.

I also see the problem in the number of synchronizations: you would receive a lot of e-mails / notifications, because the clients very often connect to the KSC during the day to synchronize themselves.

If no other solution comes up, a script might be an option.

Good luck and success

How would you structure the script please ?

Ping script ? As a task ??

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