Please in future version give us the option TO REMOVE THIS [MOVED]

  • 24 December 2019
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I manage Kaspersky for 10 + different orgs and this popup in the Kaspersky Security center has to be the most annoying thing ever.

Yes, there is a KB on how to remove the popup, but it’s NOT a permanent fix as it comes back after some time. 

Please Kaspersky fix this. 

1 reply

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Hello  @SydneyUser,


The Topic, atm, is in: (B2C) Products for Home, Kaspersky Anti-Virus category, however, it appears as tho the software is from the Kaspersky commercial/business (B2) product range...:thinking: It’s not a problem, we can ask the Moderators to move the Topic, so folks who are experienced with the software can address your concerns. 

  • Please let me know the full name and version of installed Kaspersky software?
  • May I have the KB url please?

Please post back?

Thank you