No voice on VOIP when kaspersky is active on Windows 10

  • 12 January 2022
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We are using Kaspersky endpoint security cloud. All settings can be managed by cloud. We are also using an application called “netsipp” for voip on windows 10. When Kaspersky endpoint security is active, we cannot get voice from and transmit voice to the person we called. When Kaspersky is inactive, there is no problem in voip call.  Other voip applications are working fine with Kaspersky like Zoiper. How can i make voip calls with “netsipp” smoothly?


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4 replies

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Please, try to add the application to the exclusion.

Please, try to add the application to the exclusion.

I already tried but it didn't work.

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Maybe it helps when you add the exact executable into the trusted applications (2nd tab beside exclusions).


You could disable one component after the other to see which KES components blocks it or you could check the reports (locally at KES GUI).

Normally, this gets blocked by host intrusion, which has its own exclusion or “trusted appl” categorization (however a global trusted app should also work here).

It’s solved. I added the exact executable path of the app to the “Security profiles -> Default -> Management settings -> Host Intrusion Prevention -> Exclusions “ and I can get the voice in phone call. Thanks for all the helps. Have a nice day.