Newly purchased licenses over writing existing's licenses [moved]

  • 18 June 2021
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I have the Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud service: I just tried to increase my User (device) support count with an additional license key, but rather than increase the support count by 5x additional licenses, it downgraded my entire license count to just 5x devices.


So far talked to 3x Techs who do not support Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud, 2x Bots who haven’t got a clue, and lady from head office who promised to get someone call me back (but obviously) they haven’t.

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Hello Pauljac,

You would need speak to Sales Team Member to have both Licenses consolidated into one code as KES Cloud Console can only accept One License code at a time.

You may also contact Kaspersky technical support by opening a support case at companyaccount.kaspersky.com or call 781.503.1880 option 3 to have someone from sales team reach out to you.

Working hours: Mon–Fri, 10:00 am – 5:00 pm (ET)
Excluding company holidays


To protect you as our customer, Kaspersky Lab requires any person contacting support to be registered in CompanyAccount. When registering, each person is required to enter a valid company name and contact information.

To register for CompanyAccount click on the link below:

Once at this site:
• Enter First name, Last name, Company Name, E-mail address.
• Upload a key file (.key) or enter your 20 digit activation code.
• Enter the CAPTCHA code
• Accept the “terms of Privacy Statement”
• Click "Create now"
Once completed, you will receive an email with instructions on how to access Kaspersky Lab support.

For more details, click on the link below:http://support.kaspersky.com/faq/companyaccount_help

Best Regards,