"Network Agent for Windows" vs "Security Center 12 Network Agen"

  • 21 April 2020
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I updates our KSC to version 12 and now I have 2 Network Agents installation packages.

One is named

“Kaspersky Network Agent for Windows (English)_12.0.0.7734”

and one is named

“Kaspersky Security Center 12 Network Agent (”

What is the difference? Why are there two network agents for version 12?
For version 11 the name was
“Kaspersky Security Center 11 Network Agent (”

8 replies



I think maybe THis PACK Full Version consol + agent 12 !!!

I don’t understand you.

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Probably the two have the same contents.

You can compare the packages content (files size and/or date), path are in properties and should be \\servername\KLSHARE\PackagesKLShare\…

Maybe an upgrade effect : first agent manually downloaded, second auto-downloaded ?

I also have same concern about. What agent should be used in KES 12. 

Hi, the “Security Center 12 Network Agent” will be installed remotely with the client antivirus from the “Security Center”.

And the “ Network Agent for Windows ” can be installed as option from the  “Endpoint Security for Windowssetup.


Now in the Security Center we can create some tasks from these installed packages on the client:

Network Agent for Windows :

 Security Center 12 Network Agent :



Hi! Thanks for the post. Sorry, but i still dont understand the difference. And ever more, i have Endpoint Agnet 3.9. I’ll really appreciate your help.

Leandro from Argentina

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Hi, In KSC 12 there are 2 Agent packages:

1 Kaspersky network agent ( < for server communication

2 Kaspersky endpoint agent ( < EDRO component, to use this you need a EDR license becouse is a different product.


Kaspersky Network Agent for Windows (English)_12.0.0.7734 and Kaspersky Security Center 12 Network Agent ( look like the same packege.