MDM iOS 802.1x EAP-TLS certificates from PKI

  • 29 December 2020
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Is it possible to deploy certificates from a Microsoft pki automatically to iOS devices in order to authenticate to 802.1x wireless networks (deploy a wifi profile and deploy an individual device certificate from a pki automatically)?

I found the possibility to do that for VPN and Active Sync, but not for wireless. Does it work?

When I configure an Active Sync or VPN profile, I can select certificate templates (“Zertifikatsvorlage”) for authentication, however, when I configure a wifi (WLAN) profile, I cannot select a certificate template (I guess that it only supports manually imported certificates).

I guess that this feature does not exist (yet) but it would be very useful for enterprise companies. Maybe you can consider adding that in the next KSC versions?







1 reply

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It would be very nice if KSC MDM would also allow to deploy Miscrosoft PKI certificates to phones in order to access wifi networks (secured by 802.1x).

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