Managing persistent VMs on DHCP. Avoid duplicate machine names in KSC when IP changes

  • 12 February 2020
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Using KESW and Light Agent on different VDI environments. Virtual machines are NOT destroyed or reinitialized after usage but they change IP after restart.

I am having VDI where we use persistent machines with a DHCP IP scheme. So the IP and DNS of machine changes everytime it is restarted. Now this shows duplicate machines in KSC. I want to know how to tackle this situation. My aim is that a single VM regardless of its current IP should be dispalyed uniquely and persistently on KSC. The KSC should auto detect that its IP and DNS has changed.

3 replies

Is there any Solution so far?

We have the same Problem with SecurityCenter12

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In order to fix this issue, please uninstall current Network Agent, select option in the Network Agent package to "Enable dynamic mode for VDI" and install it on the VDI machines. This would remove the computer from the SC structure once the VM running this NA mode is shutdown.
And would create a new instance of the VM object in the SC once the computer is turned on again. The option to "Enable dynamic mode for VDI"  is only available in the Network Agent package. NA is the connector between the client and KSC therefore this would enable to synchronize and report to KSC database. We recommend creating a new Network Agent installation package (with the Enable dynamic mode for VDI option enabled) to be used for installing on temporary virtual machines.

Please see steps provided on the link bellow:

What is the dynamic VDI mode in Kaspersky Security Center 10?

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Recommendations for the installation of Network Agent 10 and Kaspersky Light Agent 5.1 on a golden image used by Virtual Desktop Infrastructure