Manage devices being used outside our network

  • 17 June 2019
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We are just doing a new build of KSC 11 ( The deployment and configuration has been interesting due to the complex setup of our organisation and the dispersed nature of our users.

I've setup all the IP ranges of our various sites with a direct connection to us in the "List of global subnets". The major sites have also been setup with a distribution point and we have also placed one in our DMZ with an externally resolvable name that is set as a connection gateway address.

Within the network agent I've setup an "external users" connection profile that uses the connection gateway and set a network location using that profile for any users not using one of our DNS servers. When the users head out of the office for more than a couple of days, their machine ends up showing as "Not connected in a long time".

Is there any way to keep the roaming system reporting in it's status?

3 replies

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Could you please provide us with an export of network agent policy?
Thank you!
Hi Nikolay,

The policy is attached
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Thank you for that info!

Is it possible to specify the server(at connection profile) at DMZ with IP address instead of domain name?