LInux Device - The application is currently unavailable [moved]

  • 30 March 2020
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Hi everybody,

recently I started to install KAV also on Linux device.

Leaving aside that it takes a few days to activate the license for the physical device and 2/3 weeks for the virtual machines ( i don’t understand why ), i have a problem with one physical linux device.

The real-time protection status has been blocked after being activated for a few days.

If I open the client on the device, everything is disabled with the following message in the center: The application is not currently available.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a log analysis and to understand what happened and how to restart everything?

Thank you all

2 replies

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Hello @cico89


Atm, the Topic is in: Products for Home, Kaspersky Anti-Virus

  • Is the software KAV or Kaspersky Endpoint Security (KES) from Kaspersky’s Business range? 

Please let us know?

Thank you:pray_tone4:


Hello FLOOD,


sorry for the error!


The company i work uses Kaspersky Endpoint Security.





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