Licensing Catch-22

  • 2 December 2019
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We have been faced with a particular snafu for a while now, wherein attempts to apply the Corporate license (1300 seats, expires August 2020) are met with the following A/V database ‘error’: Database release date does not correspond to license term


Conversely, applying the database update Task is me with this error: License has expired or application is not activated


Protection name: Kaspersky Security for VIrtualization 3.0 Light Agent (v3.2.99.5024) ← This is NOT working

Protection name : Kaspersky Security for VIrtualization 3.0 SP1  Light Agent (v3.4.44.7179) ← This *IS* working


This is for a large gov’t entity, and upgrades are not in the current vocabulary, please refrain from such suggestions.  Both the working and non-working systems are in the same /24 subnet and managed by the same KSC.


KSC is running Windows 2012 R2 Standard 64bit


Screenshots provided to showcase the conundrum.


Working...updated license key and a/v dabatase
vSphere details


We’ve tried applying the ‘rollback’ Task, not sure wtf that did but fixing something is not it. Have deleted/moved to a new managed devices subfolder, deleted/recreated Virtualization 3.0 specific tasks, and even moved to a different KSC server (managing the other half of the ksv/SVM’s, which also exhibits the same exact failure/error in line with the same old versions) all to no avail.


Thoughts and non-upgrade solutions will be greatly appreciated, and thank you for reading.

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