Launch local tasks on computers outside LAN

  • 10 April 2019
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Hello Community,

I have setted up a Kaspersky Network Agent in "gateway mode" in my DMZ to be able to still manage my roaming machines (like laptops) when they are connected to foreign networks (WAN) with internet access.

I noticed that i can't launch local tasks manually from my KSC on these "out of network" machines. An error message is shown saying "Cannot launch the task".

Is it normal or did i forgot something in my configuration ?

Thanks for your answers !

4 replies

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Hi, welcome to the new Kaspersky Community.

Internet access: Network Agent as connection gateway in DMZ.

Configuring connection profiles for out-of-office users

Kaspersky Security Centre 10

I hope this helps.
Thank you.
Hello @KarDip

Thank you for the links.

I have already followed them to put in place my config so nothing new here unfortunately.
All my desktops are reporting their status, the policies are pushed and well, etc...

Any further ideas ?
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Hi @SIR hymn i wonder if the "network agent is not connecting"
Have a peak here.
Thank you.
Hello @KarDip

Of course i have already checked if the agent connects successfully to my gateway in the DMZ.

I used the "klnagchk.exe" in "%programfiles(x86)%\Kaspersky Lab\NetworkAgent" on the client computer to check if the connection is established or not.

The gateway and the distribution points are correct and all the synchronisation requests from my client to the gateway are successful.