Latent opening of documents on network since installation

  • 18 July 2019
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Product: Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud Plus

We all save our word documents onto a common network harddrive. Possibly around the time of installing Kaspersky on our workstations and server, we all noticed that documents were taking much longer to open from each workstation. I realise that it may still be something else which is causing this. but I need to be certain. So a few questions:

Question 1: Is there any obvious settings I can check which may be causing latency over our Network?

Question 2: On a local workstation, is there a log file I can view to verify if Kaspersky is indeed scanning each file I am opening from our network hard drive?

Question 3: If Kaspersky is indeed scanning each file as we open it from our network harddrive (as I describe in question 2) - is there a way I can stop doing this?

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