KSN Servers unavailable

  • 14 January 2021
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Random Machine get errors KSN Servers unavailable in the security Center.

The Client end gets message in OS Event log: 

Source:    klsecuritycenter
Event ID:    1
Level:    Warning
OpCode:    Info
Process ID:    0
Logged:    1/14/2021 2:42:29 PM
Category:    None
Keywords:    Classic
Computer:    HXTREAT-2.xxx.domain.org
Thread ID:    0
>>> Update & retranslation task: ^^^ Could not get PRCP-proxy to component (KSN). #1195 Resource is unavailable

Security Center is

Workstation Client is Version with pf6090

Most show an Error then within a minute or two show KSN available.


3 replies

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Are you using KSC as KSN proxy? Could it be possible that KSC server got rebooted or the backup task was running during that time (in both situations, KSC service gets stopped and therefore, ksn proxy does not work).

The Security Center KSN Proxy settings are like this:


The Workstation Policy is this:

The server only gets restarted once a month. the errors occur frequently on at least half of our workstations frequently.


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Sorry, I have not seen such a problem/such messages that often. I just see KSN unavailable logs when KSC restarts. Maybe your server is undersized (how much clients do you have?)?

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