KSN extended KSN mode

  • 30 August 2019
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In help file i found answer about this option :

If the check box is cleared, Kaspersky Endpoint Security uses basic KSN functions.

What are bacis ksn functions?
Does it send less data and if does what data it sends?
In KSN statement i found everything that is sent to ksn but i would like to know what is not sent from that list with this optiom disbled.
Any document would be helpfull.
Ksc 11 and Kes 11.1 are installed.

Thank you

1 reply

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If KSN is enabled than if sends information about some files to Kaspersky servers.
If KSN is disabled than no data is send and antivirus uses it`s own resources to detect malware such as datbases and analyses.