KSC12 "The Kaspersky Security Network Statement is not supported by the policy"

  • 18 June 2021
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Hi everyone,

I have yesterday updated some of Hosts from Kasperky Endpoint Security to Since then it shows in Kaspersky Security Center 12 that these updated hosts are in critical status with this message "The Kaspersky Security Network Statement is not supported by the policy".

I have seen other related posts to this issue, I have opened many times the active policy of 11.3.0, there wasn’t any window in my case which would popup and ask me to accept that Security Network Statement. By the way the Kaspersky Security Network Statement in the active policy is always accepted. I have many times re-accepted, but it didn’t help.

Kindly let me know how can I solve this problem. 




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Hello Umair,

With KSC the KSC upgrade, KES policy plugin should have also upgraded to latest version.  For this reason KSN Statement needs to be re-accepted from KES policy.  Please Go into KES 11 Policy Settings >Advanced Threat Protection and Click the KSN statement Link to Accept the terms.

If the issue persists, please contact technical support by opening a support case at companyaccount.kaspersky.com or call 781.503.1880 option 3.

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