Ksc11 virus notifications

  • 15 May 2019
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Hello, sorry for my bad English. I am here because I need help about Ksc11. My problem is this: ksc does not send notifications regarding virus detected on clients. The events into the policy are configured to send an email (and the mail test is ok:, I receive the test email) when a virus is detected . I have tried running eicar test virus: the result is that the file eicar.com is deleted by the antivirus, but with no notification on the client, and ksc do not send any mail showing the event. Can you help me? Theank you very much.

4 replies

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Could you please confirm that such events are configured to be stored at Windows event log?
Hello, thank you for responding. After setting ksc to store the event into the event log, something has changed: now on the client when running eicar test we can see the icon of kaspersky showing an exclamation point. No mail unfortunately...
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Could you please provide export of the active policy.

Thank you!
Hello, thank you for replying, sorry I am so late, had some problems with connection. Sorry I cannot provide an export of ksc policy, due to our internal policies 😀 Now trying to check every single setting to discover why email notification isn't sent...

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