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  • 20 December 2019
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WoL with magic packet works fine. I am using it a lot.

Nevertheless, some organizations do not support that (especially with lots of different subnets/VLANs).

Therefore, when KSC wants to wake up a computer, it could also search for a turned on computer whithin the same subnet and tell it to send a magic packet using that running computer (use the agent connection/tell the agent on that computer to send a magic packet).

I heard that SCCM is now capable of doing that and this feature would not require any network configuration (it would work independently from any customer setup and would lower questions and tickets concerning WoL not working).

This could/should be implemented as an additional WoL feature to sending a magic packet from KSC directly in order to support all different WoL mechanism (when KSC wants to wake up a computer, it could send a magic packet directly, send a directed broadcast packet and use a turned on computer within the same subnet simultaneously).

It would be nice if you would consider implementing this feature in one of the next KSC versions.

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