KSC stuck downloading update repository

  • 9 September 2019
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My new Kaspersky Security Center cannot download updates, it always stays at 55%. I restart the Kaspersky server 3 times to try again but I wait 5 hours and it never ends.

6 replies

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Please describe the version of KSC.
Was it updated from the older version?
Thank you!
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Hello thanks for the reply but the update finished after 8 hours.

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Updates should be downloaded way more faster.
Could you please provide us with GSI log from admin server host and with Administration Server update task traces?
Thank you!

same here, stuck at 55% then 71% and never ends, try to add to the hosts files another ip address server for s15.upd.kaspersky.com, the ip address of S13 or S12, but nothing changes the behavior of going after s15.upd.kaspersky.com.


seems the server (s15) has issues with the sync, too many errors of validating signature of file x or y .


and it’s impossible to setup the mirror server i want to use, don’t know why.


the server has enough space on hard disk and enough ram, but nothing changes the behavior.

KSC, @Windows 2008r2, 16GB ram, 4vCPU, 512GB vHDD




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When you have KES11.5 or KES11.6 and KSC11, there was a change at KES update mechanism. You should update KSC to at least KSC12.

The update mechanism can take 20-40 min (it depends which AV versions and products are used).