KSC OpenAPI - components ID

I try to get the name and state of each component (file threat protection, firewall, Web Control, Exploit prevention...) for each host of my network using KSC OpenAPi.


The KSC openAPI documentation give a list of “well-known components IDs” with only five components : 

  • 0x59C431F07D5C4633AC7BFCB569A2B394 - Spam protection (Anti-Spam)
  • 0x952E730B74394BB8A3DC0005FF9896DF - Data Leakage Prevention (DLP)
  • 0xEC63B07296A940C59BDF8AA641D9FC21 - Collaboration servers protection
  • 0xAD73C0B0F9C04982A6BED48998E7BB91 - Email Anti-virus
  • 0x7275439F21EE4C799A1A6EF02CF53920 - Endpoint Sensor (EDR)


but I can’t find the IDs of the protection component listed in KES like bellow :


Is there a way to retrieve theses data?


Technical informations : 

Version of kaspersky security center : 12

Version of Kaspersky endpoints : 11.3



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