KSC multiple liscences

  • 28 May 2019
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I have 3 keys for 10, 13 and 80 Nodes.

I have 95 total Nodes connected and get the 90 % warning (over 80).

Event "License limit has been exceeded by more than 10%." happened on computer Administration Server in the domain xxx on dinsdag 28 mei 2019 9:25:58 (GMT+01:00) Allowed count for key "Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business - Advanced European Edition. 50-99 Node 1 year Renewal License: Security Center" ("xxx", limit 95) has been exceeded significantly. Area: Vulnerability and Patch Management.
How can i use all my liscences for one ksc server?

1 reply

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The way I interpret the icons next to the corresponding licenses, you've only set one to active automatic distribution.

To automatically deploy a key to managed devices:
  1. Open Kaspersky Security Center 11.
  2. Go to Kaspersky Lab Licenses.
  3. Select the key that you want to deploy automatically.
  4. Open the key’s properties and select the Automatically distributed key checkbox.
  5. Click OK.
Kaspersky Security Center will now automatically distribute the remaining free licenses of all keys of your database to new devices. During automatic distribution of a license key as the active or additional license key, the licensing limit on the number of devices is taken into account. (The licensing limit is set in the properties of the license key.) If the licensing limit is reached, distribution of this license key on devices ceases automatically.

More information: https://help.kaspersky.com/KSC/11/en-US/3612.htm