KSC error download updates

  • 15 June 2019
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i. We are having an issue with the management server. It cannot download updates. we getting the following error:

cannot connect to the component proxy manager instance.

Its seems the task never starts:

I have read that i have to reinstall the KSC, but this should be the last resort.

thanks in advance

6 replies

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Please provide us with GSI report from admin server host.
Thank you!
link for gsi
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Thank you for that info!

for further investigation please provide us with admin server update task trace($up2date-1093.log and $up2date-1093-eka.log ).
Please refer to the article to get more info - https://support.kaspersky.com/15025#block3
Its the management server that is not downloading the update. I have installed 10.5 and it works once. I then have to restart the management server service for the task to work again. the task's name is Download updates to the repository.
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We need 'Download updates to the repository' task traces to figure out why updates could not be downloaded.
Please provide us with $up2date-1093.log and $up2date-1093-eka.log for further investigation.
Thank you!

Is your problem solved? I have exactly the same problem

please gudie me