KSC 13 DB move

  • 28 April 2021
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Hi after upgrading ksc from 12 to 13 and running on sqlexpress15. my database is now full. i have tried to cleare events and stoped storing some of the worst culprits. but now it is full again and i am not able to connect to the ksc with the mmc console. 


a: is there any way to clean up the  database without using the console. 

b: is the only way to move the database to a another ms sql server that does not have the 10gb limit, to reinstall ksc??



Fredrik Buchanan


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  1. yes, there’s a script that may help you but you have to open a ticket to the K official support. They will first ask you to run a script collecting infos about folders size: then they will give you the final script to clean up your current DB
  2. Yes, the only way to change the DBMS is to reinstall KSC pointing to the new DB and, finally, restoring KSC backup (if you want it)