KSC 12 - MDM Browsing filtering

  • 22 February 2021
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We use Kaspersky Security Center's MDM.On the Android and iOs endpoinds we use web filtering, but we have not found the possibility of a "whitelist" to make only some sites accessible.There is only the possibility of filtering everything by category.Is there a way to make a whitelist for mobile devices operational?

8 replies

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Look….latest version of this plugin is try to install it (https://support.kaspersky.com/9333#block7)

Actually with this plugin versione there isnt way to do a browser whitelist in android ? :disappointed:

I found that, if helps


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No, that is the application version….plugin may differ from it

Administration server>Properties>Advanced>Details of application management plug-ins

Here you can find the plugin version related to that KSC console (plugins refer to KSC console not to KSC server). Anyway it seems that you’re working with a former plugin.

You can download the latest one from 9333 KB tech note

is this what are you looking for?


Thanks for help, Cesare.


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ok...could you please check which KS4Mobile plugin you have installed in?

Hi ,

On iOS device i found it. But on KS SP4 for Android i cant found the “whitelist” section.

On android endpoint settings is like this:


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as far as i know both KS for Mobile (protection for Android) and iOS’s MDM feature do allow to work in whitelisting mode (screenshots attached). Bear in mind that for iOS devices should be in supervised mode.