KESC Removing incompatible applications [Moved]

  • 10 January 2021
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we have purchased Kasperksy Endpoint Security Cloud Plus licenses and we were preparing for deployment. users were created, but before sending the emails to install application, we wanted to make sure that the “Other endpoint Protection” already installed on devices will be removed upon installation of Kaspersky Endpoint Security. we couldn’t find anywhere if this is applicable. please could anyone confirm that by default any incompatible endpoint security will be uninstalled from devices upon installation of Kasperky Endpoint Security ?

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i have tested the deployment on a device with Symantec Endpoint Protection Client installed, Kaspersky Endpoint 11.5 was installed without uninstalling Symantec and the device ended up with Two endpoints installed. with KES and previous kaspersky security center we had the option to uninstall incompatible or 3rd endpoint protection upon installation of Kaspersky endpoint, seems this feature is not available on Kaspersky Endpoint Security cloud web console and i appreciate any help or guidance in this issue.

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