KESC 11 - Block all internet except Skype

  • 15 January 2020
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Hi! I’m managing a network of over 300 computers, some of them will have all internet blocked from Web Control but we need to allow only Skype (mainly the Windows client), my aproach was to add a website access rule with the following web addresses:


After some weeks everything was working well but later some users started to tell me that Skype wasn’t working, they could only use it if I disabled the Kaspersky Endpoint Security client but enabling it again brought the same problem.

Could you say I used the correct approach by using that access rule? Maybe someone can tell if another web domain was needed?  Or perhaps there’s something in KESC that could allow all traffic from an application even if web control blocks all internet traffic? Thank you for your time.

6 replies

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could you please provide us with an export of active policy or KES configuration file?

Thank you!

It seems it was solved when I created a copy of the policy and added a few more URLs like these:

Skype started working again, but these URLs should be covered by *.microsoft.com/* and
*.live.com/* right?

I also attached the config file so you can verify it.

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Thank you for that info!

You need to correct web-control rule for skype.

Please select “any content” at allowing rule content filter.

Please infor us about result.


Where can I find that “allowing rule content filter“? Does it work per application?

I’m sorry, I’m a bit lost. Could you please give me the steps to set that part of “any content” for Skype? Please.

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Please take a look at the screenshot


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