KES11 for Mac and KSC11 - All Critial and Duplicate


We have several problems with the Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Mac and the Kaspersky Security Center.

Our versions :
KES for Mac :
KES Agent for Mac :

Problem 1:
All our MacOS computers are in "Critical" status in the KSC console with the message:
Virus scan has not been performed for a long time

In the list of tasks on a computer for example, by selecting the "Scan" task, we have a status: "Completed", the same in the list of "Events".
On the KES for Mac side, all indicators are ok.

Problem 2 :
In the KSC console, we have all the Mac computers in duplicate.
Example :
COMPUTER1234 – OS Type: Mac OS X - NetAgent is installed OK – Version information OK.
COMPUTER1234~2963122 – OS Type: - No Version information

If we delete COMPUTER1234~2963122, it returns to permeance

Do you have any idea?

Thank you for your support.

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Please add "This PC" to scan task scope and launch it once again.

In the scan for MacOS? This PC ?
If you add it on a MacOS scan task, it just takes it as a folder

And we have already "All Internal drives"
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This option should be added to scan scope to return host`s status back to normal.

This option is not available under a Scan task for KES for Mac :

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As for first question - unfortunately, there is a bug, which will be fixed with a patch coming soon. Unfortunately, we do not have an exact release date yet.
Alternatively, you can disable that status at KSC or just ignore it.

As for question #2 - are there any other operation systems at these hosts? Could you confirm that you delete the "~" host from it`s group and from unassigned `computers?
Is there a task that could re-install network agent at these hosts?

Thank you for the information. We'll wait for an update.

For question #2.

We have deleted the Mac computer with the "~" from it`s group and delete all computer from unassigned computers.

After a few minutes, the computers reappeared in unassigned computers.

There is only one system on the Mac computer.

There are automatic installation tasks that are in folders, but not where the computer with the "~" is located. But yes where is the correct computer.

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Are both of these hosts shares the same IP?
You can check it at KSC group hosts list(perhaps, you`ll have to add a corresponding column).

Yes, they have the same IP.

Here is what I have in my console for the Mac folder :

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Please create a request to https://companyaccount.kaspersky.com and attach all previously collected info related to Q2 to that incident.
Please also describe (at the request) your infrastructure as detailed as possible.
Thank you!

I have the exactly same problem with replication host name with (~~) on the unassigned devices.

This already a solution or some patch to fix this?

Appreciate your help in advance.

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