KES11 device control import list error

  • 16 November 2019
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Hi Team,


my customer using McAfee endpoint and EPO. I export usb trusted device. it is in csv format.

only usb parent id added.

I converted csv to xml and try to upload KAspersky i am getting error

Error  “ cannot load settings : undetermined error”


Please help me .

  1. if i create new xml , only usb parent id is enough ? orelse any format is required.




5 replies

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Could you please attach this file(csv or xml) to your answer?

Thank you!

Hi Team


Please find the attached file .




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Unfortunately, there is no way to add a list of devices like that.

An xml file should look like a sample attached.

Hi sir,


thank you. 

Device Parent ID will work kaspersky ?


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Device Parent ID will work kaspersky ?

I`m not sure I understood you correctly. Could you please rephrase you question?

Thank you!

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