KES11 Application rights under Host Intrusion Prevention reset occasionally

  • 30 December 2019
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I have KES with trial license on my Windwos 10 (v.1607) . Under Host Intrusion Prevention, I have configured following settings:

Sometimes when I try to start an application, I get a windows error stating, “Access denied” or something similar. Then I’ll go to Host Intrusion Prevention, hit Application and find my app under Untrusted category. Then I move it to Low Restricted, save the settings and program works.

By some reason every once in a while all my applications are back to Untrusted group and of course they won’t start. Then I have to go to Application rights again and move them to Low restricted and can work as normal until next time they are in restricted group again. Sometimes it is fine for 3 days, but some times I have to set the trust groups more than once a day.

I have not noticed after what this happens. It is not related to restarts, updates or any specific time. To me it happens at random.

Is this by design or there are some other configurations I should check? Any advice would be appreciated.

5 replies

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Could you please clarify do you use KSC?

Is it possible to update KES to 11.2 version?

Thank you!

Thakns @Nikolay arinchev looking into this!

No, I am not using KSC.

I upgraded to Will let you know how it goes.

Hi @Nikolay arinchev! Unfortunately this issue is still present with newest KES version

Anyone! Any ideas?

So, I gave up on Kaspersky as my issue was not resolved.

Now, I have a new computer with fresh install and decided to give Kaspersky another try. Installed a fresh Kaspersky trial ver. Did not transfer settings, so it has nothing to do with the old setup.

But, the problem is the same. So, I suspect either this is by design (which would be weird) or this is a bug. In either way, this product would be no go for our company!

 I wonder if Kaspersky specialists are reading this forum.

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