KES 11 new policy does not save settings, does not allow editing policy

  • 21 May 2020
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KSC 11 applying a new policy on a new server.  Kaspersky Endpoint is installed and working on the server with all updates, shows as running normal in the KSC console.  This server is contained in its own container in KES just below Managed Computers.  

The policies tab shows an inherited policy from the Managed Computers container above it, even when I uncheck the box “Inherit from parent group” in the server container’s properties.

When I create the new policy to open specified ports on the server and save it, KES shows that the new policy has replaced the inherited policy in the server’s container under the Policies tab, but none of the ports I specified to be opened are there.  It seems to just be the default policy assigned by KES.  I also cannot edit the policy after it has been created, despite being at the top level.  

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Hi, on server OS you should install KSWS - Kaspersky Security for Windows Server

I do not fully understand your problem, better attach screenshots.

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