KES 11 error 27300 driver klim6.sys_x64

  • 2 September 2019
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Kaspersky corrupted and told me to reinstall via the setup.exe. Tried that and it still wouldn't load so uninstalled it via the control panel and then tried to reinstall it.

Now all I get is Error 27300 when trying to reinstall the software. Any help on what to do would be appreciated.

OS: Windows 10

1 reply

Safe mode run kavremover select installed kes version

Change to the drop-down menu, you can choose KES to execute all items once.

Then reboot and install again

Most of the cases have been installed before the KES product upgrade or removal is not removed completely

Filter driver cannot be installed

If the execution is still the same, it will not be installed.

Please open the case.

kavremover :

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