KES 11 and secure boot

  • 24 April 2019
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Has anyone ever heard of a problem between KES 11.0 and the UEFI secure boot (HP in this case) ?
We had a problem that occurs randomly on some PC (laptop and tower). Sometimes the computer boots in windows recovery mode and we must deactive the secure boot to resolve the problem. We have opened a ticket to Microsoft and we received this answer .

  • "I see Kaspersky has a Boot Guard component, last updated in January 28. I suggest we turn off all Kaspersky services on one machine and try to boot normally to see if it works:
KLUPD_KLIF_KLBG.SYS |AO Kaspersky Lab |11.1:11.0 |Jan 28 2019 |Kaspersky Lab Boot Guard Driver"

Has anyone ever seen this problem before?

Thank you.

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5 replies

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Is it possible to update KES to the latest version and reproduce the issue?

Thank you!

I will see if we can reproduce the issue. For the moment it's completely random.

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Interesting, @Klorell please keep us up 2 date, cause we also have some HP Notebooks in our company. 😅


We are also deploying a bunch of HP Elite Desk 705 G4 machines with Windows 10 Pro, HP Sure Start / Secure Boot enabled and noticed similar issue. The machines randomly fail to boot up saying that boot device can not be found. After power cycling the machine it boots normally. Happens completely randomly.

I have been too busy deploying the machines to dig in deeper yet but somehow I have a feeling that the latest KES 11.1 is to blame for it. I have tried cursory looking at logs but so far have not seen anything important yet.

PS. Also this new forum sucks.😭
Actually I see from the event logs that KES is crashing on those machines. I guess I have to open another ticket in company account.

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