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  • 4 April 2019
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We have successfully setup Kaspersky endpoint security advanced 11.1 for trial on several server with windows server 2012, but there is 2 host cannot do database update, there is "malfunction" error when running update task

OS : MS WIndows Server 2012
KAV : Kaspersky endpoint security (AES 256)
Setup method : standalone

What we have try :
  • Install, remove (using kav remover), and reinstall
  • Download update using kav update utility, download success, but kav cannot update using downloaded update
I have generated log file using getsystem info, but how to attach to the post?

Sorry for the incomplete title, unable to edit the title after post


9 replies

have you successfully activated the trial license?
yes,the trial license activated
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Could you please provide us with a screenshot of support window?
Hi Nikolay,

Here is the support windows

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Thank you for that info!
Please collect KES traces at update task start.
Hi Nikolay,

i dont know how to attach trace files to this site, so i uploaded trace files to this url


Hi Nikolay,

Is there any problem on downloading the files?
Hi All,

Finally we solved the problem by downgrading the version to
I have the same Problem on 1 (KSC Adminserver) from 15 Clients.
The other 14 are working without the update malfunction.
We use since 12.03.2019 the KES 11.1.15919 and KSC
Till March 2019 we used 10.x, there was no such Problem.
I reinstalled yesterday the KSC, unfortunetly without changes.

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