Kaspersky solution for - device has not connected to administration server in a long time

  • 1 October 2019
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Hello guys,

We're having problem with notebooks which are out of office and on VPN (user being sick, work from home, business trip,..). Kaspersky Security Center can't connect to client computer which are on VPN connection but ping from this server to client on vpn works with no problem. Also ping from client to administration server work as well. Did I miss any additional setup for this scenario?

We want to solve that problem because we' re getting many client with device has not connected to administration server in a long time on a daily report.

Server version:
Client version:

6 replies

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Have you checked your firewall rules?
Yes, our network guys opened connection from server to any client on VPN connection.
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If the regular ping works, can you check the connection from KSC? Also, maybe try a remote install from KSC to one of the clients in the VPN. For example, do a reinstall of network agent on one of the machines.

Also, double check if all the needed ports are open in firewalls. You need to open several ports for the connection.
You can also use Klnagchk utility on one of the clients in VPN to check connectivity.
I did test Klnagchk utility on computer with VPN on and everything looks good. Status was OK.

Log example:

Attempting to connect to Administration Server...OK

Attempting to connect to Network Agent...OK
Network Agent is running.
Receiving the Network Agent statistical data...OK
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Could you please provide us with full klnagchk log?
Thank you!


Since we updated mac os to big sure and installed the compatible version of kaspersky endpoint 11 we have the message

The device has not connected to Administration Server in a long time


maybe the new network agent doesn’t’t works, any solution for this?

thank you in advance