Kaspersky Security for Windows Server VS Kaspersky Endpoint Security for FILE SERVERS

  • 9 February 2021
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I plane to use KS on servers, but don't know what the suitable version of KS is give a full protection for the servers Kaspersky Security for Windows Server or Kaspersky Endpoint Security for File servers.


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//ModNote: fix AV name:
Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows Server →  Kaspersky Security for Windows Server
Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Server → Kaspersky Security for File servers

5 replies

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 Look at the topic


 Look at the topic


overloaded, is that just the different? can KSWS protect from Ransomware?  

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Hi @ameen abu siaf,

I would definitely recommed to install Kaspersky Security for Windows Server, it is tested on servers and its components are created for server OS versions specifically.


See more at https://support.kaspersky.com/ksws11



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KES is running process “avpui.exe “(KES GUI) for every user on Terminal server and use up lots of system memory for many logged on users.

KSWS have “Anti-Cryptor (for shared folders)” component for anti-Ransomware protection.

Read more at the datasheet about feauters.

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KS for Windows Server is mandatory if you deal with terminal server infrastructures or clusterized ones.
Moreover the features provided by this product depend on the license you’re going to activate in: https://support.kaspersky.com/15634
IMHO, if those servers are not RDS\TS or members of a cluster you can choose between KS and KES. KS is developed for server OSs and in most cases is lighter than KES…..but KES (11.5) is providing an higher level of security expecially if we talk about cryptomalwares: in fact, KS, if i’m not wrong, does not provide any behaviour analisys component.